DriveCast is a groundbreaking solution developed to track fast-moving objects using AI and to overlay the footage with computer graphics in real time. It is aimed at immersing the audience into the action happening on track by guiding and entertaining them with comprehensive AR throughout the race. 



Audience’s interest in autosport broadcast has been declining due to the outdated content format that no longer meets the audience’s appetite


Similar broadcasting formats don’t make room for one to stand out


New audience is difficult to engage due to a lack of comprehensive orientation about format nuances in real time

Who is it for


Content owners

Racing series

Online & TV broadcasters


Beginner to advanced enthusiasts

How it works

Learning & Testing

6 photos from different perspectives are sufficient for the AI to learn to detect a particular car plus only 1 qualifying is needed to test
the concept


compatibility with any professional camera on track without the need to collect
such data as zoom ratio and change of view angle


1-2 specialists are involved in
the process remotely 

AR layer

graphic output tracked to the car: racer, team, car, interactions between cars, passing checkpoints in a rally racing


DriveCast is a collaboration of like-minded people from different fields of expertise: machine-learning engineers, programmers, game developers, physics, and graphic designers. We are bind by the passion for the innovative technologies, sophisticated computer graphics, and the spirit of the autosport industry.